Best Pulse Oximeters

Best Pulse Oximeters 2018

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Pulse Oximeters are a group of medical devices that measure the arterial blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels of your body. These devices operate by emitting a large spectrum of Infrared lights and measure oxygen levels based on the reflections that are picked up by the sensor. Oximeters are widely used in hospitals, clinics, and homes for this purpose. Here are some of the basic facts:

  1. Some Samsung Galaxy smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy S5 or higher, and Samsung Note 4 or higher, have an in-built SpO2 sensor, so you do not need to buy additional oximeters. However, the accuracy of these small sensors is not guaranteed.
  2. Patients suffering from asthma, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic obstructive airway diseases (COAD), and other respiratory conditions need to monitor their SpO2 levels regularly, which makes these devices extremely useful for such patients.
  3. An oxygen level of above 95% is generally considered healthy in adults whereas a level below 92% is considered unhealthy. For people with respiratory conditions, it shall not fall below 90%, and medical help should be sought in case of such occurrence.

Keeping in mind all of the aforementioned points, we have compiled the list of best Pulse Oximeters available today.

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Best Pulse Oximeters

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1. SantaMedical SM-240 Finger Pulse Oximeter

The SantaMedical Sm-240 is one of the finest oximeters as it measures the pulse rate and oxygen levels in a very efficient way. It is relatively easy to operate thanks to its one-button operation functionality.

Some of the characteristics of this oximeter are mentioned below:

  • It has a self-adjusting finger clamp.
  • It is useful for pilots and athletes.
  • It has a bright red LED color display which is quite easy to read.
  • It has low power consumption and requires two AAA power batteries which can be operated for straight 30 hours.


This oximeter is very convenient to use as the pulse rate is directly displayed on the screen and it notifies the user about the oxygen saturation level almost instantly. It is widely used by bikers, mountain climbers, athletes, etc. Automatic power off is a useful feature. It is not for medical use.

2. AccuMed CMS-50DL Finger Pulse Oximeter

This Oximeter comes bundled with a wrist or neck cord which makes it a portable and easy to carry device. The AccuMed oximeter is mainly used by athletes, in aviation, or even by normal users. It powers off automatically if no activity is registered within 5 seconds. It is an affordable and accurate easy to operate oximeter. Some of the main characteristics of this oximeter are listed below:

  • It is ergonomic and provides a comfortable finger placement.
  • It is helpful for aviation users and sports enthusiasts as well.
  • The oxygen saturation levels are easily graphed on a LED bright color display.
  • It consumes low power, comes bundled with two AAA power batteries, and has a battery life of up to 40 hours.
  • It comes with one year warranty.


This oximeter is intended for sports people and as well as for casual users. It can be used by all age groups, either pediatrics or geriatrics. This pulse meter is not intended for medical use.

3. iHealth Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

This oximeter is FDA approved. It measures the blood oxygen circulation and heart rate very efficiently. The iHealth fingertip can keep a check on readings and organize records, since it connects with your iPhone. Because of the smartphone connectivity functionality, it can provide a much more comprehensive result. Some of the main characteristics of this oximeter are listed below:

  • It is a small and portable device.
  • It supports one-touch automatic sync through Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It is great for checking your oxygen levels before and after exercise.
  • It can be clipped to your finger easily for taking measurements.
  • Not intended for medical use.
  • Can store up to 200 readings.
  • It comes with one year warranty.


iHealth oximeter gives you rapid and accurate results and you can easily track and share your readings right from the touch screen. This device is used for sports or aviation and is not for medical purpose.

4. Acc U Rate 430-DL Pulse Oximeter

This oximeter is made according to CE and FDA standards. It provides a correct and reliable reading of low blood perfusion, saturation or pulse rate. It is suitable for all ages. Some of the main characteristics of this oximeter are mentioned below:

  • The finger chamber of this meter has smart spring system.
  • It efficiently keeps a track of all the readings and measures the blood oxygen, perfusion, and saturaration
  • It has a large red LED display.
  • It ruses low power and comes bundled with two AAA power batteries.
  • It is perfect for people who play sports, for pilots, and for those who workout daily.
  • It comes with 18 months manufacturer warranty.


This oximeter is perfect for all age groups as it has a chamber which has springs in it. Therefore, it is easier even for the kids to place their fingers on this oximeter. This oximeter comes with a carrying case and as well as its own power source.

5. Innovo Deluxe Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

This oximeter beeps for each pulse, when your heart and oxygen levels are beyond normal. It has been clinically tested for producing reliable and accurate results. This device is suitable for mountain climbers, aviators, sports enthusiasts etc. Some of the main characteristics and features of this oximeter are listed below:

  • It gives accurate and reliable results with plethymosgraph (visual representation of heartbeat) and a perfusion index.
  • The LED display of this oximeter comes with adjustable brightness.
  • It has multi-directional display, which means the screen can rotate in 6 different directions.
  • It has an alarm to notify the user when the oxygen levels are beyond normal.
  • It consumes low power, comes bundled with 2 AAA power batteries, and has a battery life of 40 hours.


The Innovo deluxe oximeter is an easy to operate and very fast pulse meter which is able to measure heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and perfusion of oxygen in blood very rapidly and smartly. However, it might not work on kids or adults with very small fingers.

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