VR Legends is co-founded by Scott Evans and Kate Evans. It was our first official date and where normal couples would take the road towards romance, our roads somehow led to a very detailed and healthy discussion about technology, gadgets and the entire world revolving around machines.

We realized there was a growing need of customers, who desired the best products with competitive prices and how amazing it would be if there was a place that did so. That evening VRLegends was conceived and in the next few days it was born.

Our Goal on VRLegends is to streamline the learning curve associated with buying new products for you. We achieve this by presenting the information in the most factual, practical, and user-friendly manner possible. So what makes us different from the hundreds of other websites claiming to do the same?

It’s simple: we review technology from the buyer’s perspective.

This is not always the easiest of tasks, especially in an era of individuality where each customer has unique tastes and preferences. Nevertheless, we carry out extensive research to ensure that each customer, the enthusiast, the value-oriented, and the budget-oriented, finds what they are looking for.

We at VRLegends also place a great deal of emphasis on the quality and reliability of our publications. This means that you can rest easy on the fact that the information being presented to you is not only factual, but also up to date.

A little personal about us.

Now it may sound cliché, but nevertheless, technology has always fascinated me since childhood. Growing up, this meant that my inquisitive mind was always curious about how things worked, and many house appliances ended up on my ‘operating table’. Many electric shocks, dead appliances, and negative sanctions later, I found myself writing tech articles.

You might say that the concept of VRLegends was always been at the back of my mind since shopping for appliances and tech products seems like a tedious task of endless comparison and evaluation, sometimes taking up days if done in depth.

If I could help people make rational, informed decision in a small time, I could really add value to the world. This is what I try to achieve through VRLegends and it has become my mission to help people make better decisions and live a better life.

Scott Evans

I am a medical practitioner so I do have quite an insight about how medical gadgets should work and which gadgets are best approved in the medical fields. This is how my knowledge comes to use in putting down the most accurate information about medical gadgets. Now I am not a tech geek kind of a person but I sure as hell do love to cook and bake, which means I also have a ton of experience with different machines. Many machines have come and gone in my kitchen and with each machine, my knowledge of its understanding has only increased. All this comes very handy in my writing.

I try my best to provide honest reviews of products so that even if you are a mother looking for a simple machine, it should help you make the right decision. This is basically what VRLegends is all about.

Kate Evans