The 5 Best At Home Vitamin Deficiency Tests Kits You Need In 2024

Do you ever feel tired or not quite yourself lately? It could be due to a lack of essential vitamins in your body. Even if you eat well, you could still miss out on important vitamins because of things like diet rules, problems absorbing them, or not eating enough of certain foods. While visiting a doctor is important for a complete check-up, many people are turning to at-home vitamin test kits for a quick look into their health. These at home vitamin test kits are easy to use and don’t cost much, letting you check your nutrient levels from home.

In this blog we will be exploring the five top at home vitamin test kits in 2024, pointing out what makes each one good and what you should think about when picking the right at home vitamin test kit for you.

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What is a Vitamin Test Kit used for?

With the use of a vitamin testing kit, you can find out if your vitamin levels are normal or not. With the help of these at home vitamin test kits, you can perform the test at home by collecting a sample of your saliva or blood and mailing it to a lab.

The results show you whether you have too much or too little of a certain vitamin, such as D, B12, or B12. This information helps determine whether making dietary, lifestyle, or supplement changes is required to stay healthy.

Best picks For the Top Rated At Home Vitamin Deficiency Test Kits in 2024

There are lots of options available for the best at home vitamin test kits, so you have to find one that fits your needs. These kits are simple to use and give accurate results, giving you peace of mind about your health. If you want to take charge of your wellness, consider trying one of these at-home vitamin tests.

1. Everlywell Vitamin Deficiency Test Kit

Everlywell Vitamin Deficiency Test Kit
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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US


With the help of the user-friendly Everlywell Vitamin Deficiency Test Kit, you may learn vital facts about your health. To find out if your vitamin levels are normal, all you have to do is take a little blood sample at home. If they’re too high, too low, or exactly correct, you’ll know. It’s an easy and convenient approach.

The Everlywell Vitamin Deficiency Test Kit contains everything you need, and you can safely get your findings online in 5-8 days. You can make informed decisions regarding your health because the reports are simple to read and comprehend. You have the option to give them to your family, your doctor, or keep them to yourself.

In addition, each test is accurately verified by licensed physicians. You can trust your results because they collaborate with renowned labs that adhere to high criteria.

  • Results are reviewed by expert physician.
  • Samples analyzed in CLIA labs.
  • FSA/HSA accepted.
  • Minimum age to take this test should be 18 and above.

2. LetsGetChecked At-Home Essential Vitamin Test

LetsGetChecked At Home Essential Vitamin Test
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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US


An easy method to make sure you’re getting the vital nutrients your body needs is to use the LetsGetChecked At-Home Essential Vitamin Test Kit. You may monitor your health by using this test kit to check on three essential vitamins. This test helps you determine whether or not you need to see a doctor and whether your vitamin levels are supporting your general health.

Sample collection with them is simple. Just use the pre-paid label they supply to return the samples to their lab. You can trust the results because they employ the same reliable labs that physicians and hospitals use, so don’t worry.

From their team of professionals, you will receive individualized support. Their clinical experts and board-certified physicians are there to assist you at every stage. Their experts will call you to clarify and provide support if your results are surprising. They respect your right to privacy. Within a few days, your findings will be safely accessible on your account and will be kept private.

  • Virtual consultation available when needed.
  • Easy to use instructions.
  • Fast results within 2-5 days available.
  • Only include vitamin d, e and b12 testing.

3. Rootine Vitamin Blood Test Kit

Rootine Vitamin Blood Test Kit
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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US


With the use of the Rootine Vitamin Blood Test Kit, you may know your present vitamin status and, consequently, the precise amount of vitamins B2, B6, B9, B12, D, C, ALA, and omega-3s that your body needs.

The findings enable you to take control of your health by clearly advising you on the amounts of these vital vitamins that you require. You may monitor your progress and ensure that your Rootine strategy is effective for you by testing on a regular basis.

Using the test kit is easy and convenient. Simply prick your finger to obtain a tiny blood sample, then mail it off. Your health data is handled in labs renowned for their quality control, and it is kept secret and safe.After receiving your findings in around a week, take periodical retests to monitor your improvement. Observe any changes in your levels and modify your nutrient intake accordingly. To help you be your best every day, Rootine combines the most recent advancements in nutrition, AI, and at-home testing.

  • CLIA certified labs for analysis.
  • Personalize supplementation information provided.
  • Actionable insights.
  • Results are for educational purpose not for a 100% diagnosis.

4. Omega Quant Vitamin Home Test Kit

Omega Quant Vitamin Home Test Kit
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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US


You can monitor your vitamin D levels at home with the Omega Quant Vitamin Home Test Kit. Measuring your Vitamin D levels only requires a few drops of blood drawn from your fingertip. You will receive your test results in two to four weeks after sending in your sample and the Test Request Form.

Fear not—their testing procedure is standardized and validated, carried out in an accredited lab to guarantee the accuracy of the results. With the help of their test, you can see if you are getting enough Vitamin D from your food for over an extended period of time.

  • Validated and certified from NIST.
  • Guidance by experts upon arrival of results.
  • Easy to understand instructions.
  • Takes longer to give results as compared to other at home vitamin test kits.

5. Verisana Vitamin B12 Test Kit

Verisana Vitamin B12 Test Kit
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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US


An affordable and easy approach to monitor your vitamin B12 levels is using the Verisana Vitamin B12 Test Kit. Your fingertip can provide a little sample that can be used to determine your Vitamin B12 level, which can provide vital health information. Verify your vitamin B12 level to make sure you’re not deficient if you’re suffering symptoms like headaches, tingling in your hands and arms, or impaired memory.

Using this vitamin test kit at home is quite simple. Once you get your kit, all you have to do is gather your sample and return it to their lab for examination by following the easy instructions. A report from the lab and a thorough scientific analysis will be sent to you.

  • Results analyzed in CLIA certified lab.
  • Very easy procedure to perform test at home.
  • Controlled checking of b12 level.
  • Only tests the level of vitamin b12.
  • Age must be 18+ to take the test.

Final Verdict……

It’s a wise decision to purchase one of these best-rated at-home vitamin testing kits for your health. Checking your vitamin levels without visiting a doctor is made easier with their user-friendly design. You may discover vital information about your health and make wise decisions by selecting the best kit for you.

Thus, why hold off? Order one of these reliable at-home vitamin tests to get started on bettering your health right now. Consider vitamin deficiencies seriously for your health and well-being, take action.


Q1. Are at home vitamin deficiency tests accurate?

Answer: Yes, when used correctly according to the instructions given, the at-home vitamin deficiency tests yields reliable results. To guarantee that the results yielded are accurate, it is important to adhere to the guidelines and take into account the elements like correct collection of samples and rights procedure of testing.

Q2. How to use a vitamin test kit at home?

Answer: The first step while using an at home vitamin test kit is to carefully read the instructions. Then collect the sample as instructed and proceed with the testing methods specified in the kit. However, the method for use differs for each at home vitamin test kit.

Q3. When to test your vitamin levels?

Answer: To keep an eye on your health, it is a good idea to test your vitamin levels from time to time. Make an appointment for a test if you exhibit symptoms of vitamin deficiencies or if your doctor advises it for preventative care.

Q4. Why is it important to test vitamin levels?

Answer: Vitamin testing is necessary for evaluating general health and spotting deficiencies early enough. In order to preserve optimum health and avoid potential problems, it enables prompt intervention with individualized nutrition plan.