FTC Disclosure

Good day dear reader or good night if you were just about to sleep but happened to browse through the web and ended up here, in which case this is exactly the kind of stuff that puts you to sleep. It’s so boring; you might as well be asleep at this point. But let’s be honest, even though they are boring and no one really reads them, disclosure policy is important, which is why this is here and you are here.

Let the disclosure ceremony begin.

*Drum rolls*

First things first, who are we?

We are a team of two, a medical practitioner and a technology geek. Two extremely useless people working together to somehow prove to our parents that we are “successful” people, just like uncle Paul’s son and aunt Lidiya’s daughter.

What exactly do we do on this site?

To our parents, we run a high maintenance, full of writers, highly popular website that writes about important stuff. Yeah that the kind of “success” they are happy with! In reality, As we both love to spend an abnormal amount of time reading, reviewing and comparing products for what they are and what they do. This absolutely rubbish talent of ours, gave birth to the idea of writing about skimming and selecting the top products.

What do we write about?

We write about things that we are passionate about and where we have our strong expertise in. Again, our talent may be rubbish but our passion has standards. We write a lot about medical and health related devices and a lot more about amazing gadgets.

How do we choose the best products?

We go through a lot of products, seriously like A LOT. We read about each one of them and then depending upon their ratings, we choose the top best. We also spend another abnormal amount of time reading comments and user reviews to learn about the gray areas of the product, the exact amount of time that, if spend on our social life, would have made our parents very proud.

What are the links on our website?

The links on our site are affiliate links. We are affiliates of Amazon.com, which means if you click on the links provided on our website; we will get a little something to keep us going in our very boring life. Sometimes we buy a small gift for our parents just to prove them wrong about our living standards about which they are legitimately correct.

Will it cost you more if you purchase through our link?

Nope. Absolutely and most definitely not.

But it will help make these two poor souls a little bit more content and a little bit happier with themselves. You do not know the pain that endures when your parents tell you that the neighbor’s loser ass son is doing much better than you.

So yeah! That’s the most disclosure we have given to anyone in our life. Not even our significant others have got this much disclosure from us, which may be the reason we don’t have any significant others in the first place.

Anyway…Pretend I wrote this on a piece of paper and passed it to you under the desk.

Yours until further notice,

Kate & Scott