Best Yoga Bolsters For Seated Yoga Poses

Did you know that yoga is recommended by Harvard Medical School to deal with coronavirus anxiety? That is how important the practice is. Not just that, but many psychologists and doctors, too, recommend yoga- the mind relaxing technique to waive off stressors.

Many branches of yoga have emerged over the years, thereby getting more popularity. Famous celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry and Justin Timberland swear by the practice of yoga in their daily lives and have made the practice quite popular in the west.

Why Do Yoga – Benefits Summarized

  • Better posture
  • Low levels of anxiety
  • Improves balance and flexibility
  • Eases arthritis symptoms
  • Helps with cardiovascular problems
  • Better muscle strength
  • Better mental health

Now that we are aware of the benefits of yoga, deploying the correct strategies like adding yoga bolsters to the everyday yoga routine can up the ante in terms of benefits for us. A plethora of ways can be used to adjust these into restorative yoga – using the fish pose, child’s pose, and many others.

Adding yoga bolsters can be a smart move as sometimes, Massage Mat is not supportive enough and restricts the scope for releasing – which on the other hand, can be achieved successfully via a good yoga bolster. Similarly, if youre lopking for more mobility in stand-up poses and overall stretching, then you might want to check out the the best yoga straps.

As for individuals looking to get hands on the best yoga bolsters, below are some of the top picks based on:

  • Size and shape
  • Material
  • Firmness/Sturdiness
  • Design

15 Best Yoga Bolsters 2024 For Seated Yoga Poses

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Brentwood Home Crystal $80.33 View Deal
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1. Bean Products – Yoga Bolster

The top ranked in our list is none other than Bean Products’ Yoga Bolster. This premium yoga bolster is available in a wide range of colours and brags a sturdy interior as well as exterior. With foam core and four layers of cotton batting gives extra firmness to the yoga bolster and can help you get that extra lift in you lower waist and hips area. Interestingly, it is covered in Vinyl so you can clean it easily – a good hygienic perk which comes along with it!

2. RamaYoga – Yoga Bolster

For this one, it would be fair to say that you can judge the book by its cover. Not only is the design appealing, but also the features of this yoga bolster are outstanding. It comes in grey and blue colour with a printed design, along with unrivalled support like no other. This one is ideal for restorative yoga. This buckwheat bolster will help keep the muscle sprains at bay and help you relax at the maximum. This one is often used at gyms and spa centres. The unique thing about RamaYoga’s Yoga Bolster is that it is completely handmade!

3. HuggerMugger – Yoga Bolster

Available in exciting range of colours to motivate you to get up for yoga each day – HuggerMugger’s Yoga Bolster is a keeper for all yoga enthusiasts. The soft and round profile of the bolster keeps the support and balance element in check, especially for your lower waist and hips. On top of that, the brand boasts upholstery-grade fabrics of this yoga bolster which ensure durability, firmness as well as sturdiness. Besides that, it is handmade in the USA which makes it quite unique as well.

4. Brentwood Home Crystal – Yoga Bolster

The Uber-Classic and innovative, Brentwood Home Crystal’s Yoga Bolster is a yoga equipment that you cannot be missing out on. It promises you comfort and balance like no other and is ideal for restorative yoga. Featuring a contemporary and unique design, with a removable outer cover for smooth washing (a plus point for hygiene standards) and GOTS certified organic cotton with buckwheat pillow fill, you could not have asked for more.

5. Manduka – Yoga Bolster

Falling under Amazon’s choice and top customer preference, Manduka has managed to maintain an excellent reputation within the domain of yoga and meditation products. Manduka’s Yoga Bolster has additional support as the shape is rectangular and has an eQua micro-fiber cover which is removable and allows for a soft, plush, and suede-like feel, allowing for all the anxiety and stressors to stray away. It is lightweight so you can easily carry it with you anywhere – local parks, gym, workplace, etc. A great handy accessory to keep for all the yoga enthusiasts.

6. AJNA – Yoga Bolster

Made from recycled fibres with a 100% organic vegan suede cover and, a lightweight and non-toxic design – it should be on the wish list of all the environmentally conscious yoga enthusiasts. The skin problems will be at bay while using AJNA’s Yoga Bolster, owing to the materials used in the cover. Boasting unrivalled support and unparalleled quality – it is crafted with precision with mixed density layers of recycled foam. The bolster is guaranteed to not lose its firmness owing to the dual layer technology which we generally do not witness in Cotton Batting or Buckwheat Yoga Bolsters. The eco-friendly design not only benefits the environment, but also adds more productivity in your healthy lifestyle, as you can easily carry it anywhere!

7. Sol Living – Yoga Bolster

If you’re more into large yoga bolsters, then this is the one for you. Hand crafted with premium cotton layers, it ensures firmness and support for your back and neck. Owing to the large size, you can easily diversify your stretches and get posture support simultaneously. The maintenance of Sol Living’s Yoga Bolster is hassle-free which is another plus point. Besides that, it is made from biodegradable and natural cotton, which again, makes it eco-friendly too! An ideal choice, yet again, for all the health and environmentally conscious individuals.

8. Sportneer – Yoga Bolster

Scared of skin allergies because of the material of yoga bolsters? Then Sportneer is the ideal candidate for your needs. Not only does Sportneer’s Yoga Bolster guarantee an eco-friendly design, but the company promises of not using harmful chemicals or toxic solvents, which ensures that you can try any yoga pose and stay stress-free about your skin’s safety. It comes with a luxurious feel of eco-suede, recycled foam interior, excellent support, and cushioning. Another perk that comes along with it is a relaxation kit in which you not only get the yoga pillow/bolster, but also a storage bag and 8 feet yoga strap using which you can experiment different yoga poses easily.

9. TokSay – Yoga Bolster

Promising unparalleled quality and a sturdy design, it provides durability, helps you focus and de-plug like no other. TokSay’s Yoga Bolster is ideal for beginners. It comes with high quality buckwheat husks which enable firmness in the shape and structure and allows for stronger support while you try out new poses. Yet another skin-friendly Yoga Bolster, TokSay’s Yoga Bolster promises soft and elastic surface with a velvet cover to avoid harshness on the skin. It features a lightweight design and can be carried anywhere easily.

10. Tumaz – Yoga Bolster

Featuring an ergonomic design and a yoga kit consisting of a yoga bolster, 8 feet yoga strap, instructions manual and a sturdy box, Tumaz’s Yoga Bolster is economical at its best. It boasts excellent quality with 38D foam filling which cannot be dented easily. The cover is made up of soft and suede-like texture which can be removed for cleaning purposes. It also promises a skin-friendly design to keep all the skin problems at bay. This Yoga Bolster has ergonomic curves which allow for different kinds of yoga styles including restorative, prenatal as well as regular stretches.

11. Node Fitness – Yoga Bolster

Another great yoga bolster is that of Node Fitness. It is made up of 100% organic and certified cotton, meeting the global certification standards. It features a soft design which ensures that it serves the purpose of a relaxation and meditation cushion. The bolster has fillings of eco-friendly materials with extra firm support which eliminates discomfort. You can take it anywhere as it is portable, lightweight, and washable – simply unzip it and launder whenever you want.

12. REEHUT – Yoga Bolster

REEHUT’s Yoga Bolsters offer you superior back support with three layers of sponge pillow core and that too, with different densities which rule out chances for collapse. Not just that, but this yoga bolster comes with a skin-friendly design and a removable cover for easy washing. You can try deep breathing, pose adjustment, back extension and much more using this one. It comes with major three colours to choose from – the hues are such that they give difference vibes including focus, calm and minimalism. So, you can choose the one that suits your personality best. It is long enough for you to try many flexible moves and has an ergonomic design overall.

13. Gaiam – Yoga Bolster

Coming with an all-natural filling and a rectangular structure, Gaiam’s Yoga Bolster supports your body during all your yoga poses. It provides the ultimate comfort, balance, support and cushioning for relaxation, as well as features a removable cover for easy washing. It also has a handle strap for portability – so you can carry it to the local parks, balcony, gym or anywhere you want. Besides that, the interior contains natural cotton batting which ensures that the yoga bolster won’t dent easily and will remain long-lasting overtime.

14. Yoga Accessories – Yoga Bolster

With extra firmness and a greater grip, Yoga Accessories presents to you the ultimate yoga bolster which is ideal for restorative yoga staple. Poses which pertain to keeping your legs up the wall can be risky – so for that this yoga bolster comes with a round profile to allow smooth transition. It is made up of cotton and you can easily remove the inner cotton batting to customize the bolster according to your need for firmness and height, without denting or sagging.

15. Simian – Yoga Bolster

Last, but not the least in our list is Simian’s Yoga Bolster. It comes with an ergonomic design that saves space and features 35D PU fill which allows for a firm support. It is made from soft, plush, and absorbent suede, micro-fiber fabric which ensures comfort at its best and keeps you dry. The shape of the yoga bolster – the long and flat surface enables great support for the whole back and can be used for various yoga poses. Besides that, the large size allows you to stretch easily and try back bending, chest opening, etc. A multi-purpose yoga bolster, Simian Yoga Bolster is sure to amaze you with utmost comfort and relaxation.