OMRON Series 7 Vs Series 3 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitoring has never been easier and convenient, with OMRON’s highly accurate wrist blood pressure monitors, specifically the series 7 and the series 3. The President and CEO of OMRON states: “We are designing a future free of heart attack and stroke by dramatically evolving the way people connect with their heart health.”

OMRON’s Series 3 wrist-based blood pressure monitor hit the market by a storm, getting extremely positive reviews, coming in with features like hypertension-indicator, advanced averaging, irregular heartbeat detector, and many more. Users thought about how the company would be able to go one step above, which is always anticipated by OMRON. Fast forward a few months, OMRON launched its series 7 wrist-based blood pressure monitor, which included all the nifty features of the series 3, but with added benefits of usability and overall functionality.

OMRON’s blood pressure monitors are known for its quality. Not only that, but they are also invested in making the daily lives of individuals better, by offering highly accurate medical equipment, which helps with tracking cardiac activities, to keep overall cardiac health in check. With over 40 years of reliability and accuracy, OMRON is the #1 pharmacist and doctor-recommended brand. Their blood pressure monitors are available in over 110 countries and regions.

While you can’t go wrong with any of OMRON’s products, today, we’ll be comparing the series 7 and the series 3 for you, to determine, which one you should opt for, and what would be the reasons for choosing one over the other.

Introduction and Brief History about the Company

Before we jump into the comparison brief, it is equally important for our readers to know about the company, offering these two wrist-based blood pressure monitors. This will help users to get to know more about the company and develop an understanding about the brand’s philosophy and their product offerings.

As mentioned in the start, OMRON is the company behind the two heavily acclaimed Blood Pressure Monitors, the Series 7, and the Series 3, respectively. The company is a pioneer in delivering exceptional Blood Pressure Monitors in the market.

OMRON was founded in 1933 (As Tateishi Electric Manufacturing Company), by Kazuma Tateishi, and later incorporated in 1948. Since then, OMRON strives on delivering innovation through identifying social needs, exceptional blood pressure monitors, and going for Zero. The going for Zero philosophy stands by supporting personal fitness, heart health, healthy lungs, and freedom from pain. OMRON is playing its part with technology, in supporting the Going for Zero philosophy. Today, OMRON is the number 1 selling manufacturer of home blood pressure monitors, with over 200 million units sold across the globe.

In short, OMRON Healthcare is dedicated to creating technology that lives in harmony with your day-to-day life.

The series 7 and series 3 wrist-based blood pressure monitors by OMRON Healthcare are best-in-class devices, providing accurate blood pressure readings at the luxury of your home and that too, being wrist based.

Let’s see how the two-compare side by side:

OMRON Series 7 vs Series 3 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

To get an idea about the technical specifications of both Series 7 and Series 3, we are providing a spec-brief for those who like to fancy themselves with every possible detail. Here’s a brief technical snapshot of both products:

Features Series 3 (BP6100) Series 7 (BP6350)
Dimensions 0.8″, Width: 3.7″, Height: 2.4″ 0.5″, Width: 3.6″, Height: 2.5″
Weight 3 oz. 3.2 oz
Cuff Size 5.3” – 8.5” (Wide Range) 5.3” – 8.5” (Wide Range)
UltraSilent Inflation No Yes
Hypertension Indicator Yes Yes
Advanced Averaging Yes Yes
Bluetooth       No Yes
Two User Mode No Unlimited Users Through Connect App
Total Memory 60 readings 90 readings
Design Format Wrist-based Wrist-based (Compact)
Heart Zone Guidance No Yes
Battery 2 AAA (Included) 2 AAA (Included)
Storage Case Yes Yes

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Now, that we’ve put aside both products, in terms of their technical specifications, let’s jump on the detailed comparison between both.

Since both products serve the main purpose of monitoring blood pressure, we’ll be going through both product’s Pros and Cons, and tell you the exact upgrades that the Series 7 (BP6350) offers, over the Series 3 (BP6100).

OMRON Series 3 (BP6100)) Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

The OMRON Series 3 wrist blood pressure monitor is an exceptional blood pressure monitor, with the capability of providing accurate results, being portable enough to put on your wrist, and easily get your blood pressure readings. The Pros of Series 3 wrist-based blood pressure monitor include:

  • Extremely Accurate in blood pressure monitoring storing up to 60 blood pressure readings at a time for one user
  • Features irregular heartbeat detection informing and prompting you when your heat is showing irregular rhythm vital to your cardiac health tracking
  • Hypertension indicator allows the blood pressure monitor to automatically display “HIGH” symbol as your systolic (upper) blood pressure reading reach above 130 mmHg, and/ or your diastolic (lower) blood pressure reading goes above 80 mmHg
  • On-board Cuff Wrap Indicator Guide allows you to know whether the cuff of the blood pressure monitor is wrapped either too lose or too tight
  • Advanced Averaging feature automatically displays the average of up to the last three readings (within 10 minutes)

The Series 3 (wrist-based) blood pressure monitor is an overall responsive and accurate Blood Pressure Monitor and is still the most preferred choice by most Cardiac or Hypertensive patients.

OMRON Series 7 (BP6350) over the Series 3 (BP6100)

7-series- wireless-wrist-blood-pressure-monitor
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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

The OMRON Series 7 wrist blood pressure monitor seems to be a worthy upgrade, in terms of added features and overall functionality. While the accuracy of blood pressure monitoring remains the same, there are many additional features of the OMRON Series 7, which might be preferred by individuals. The pros of OMRON Series 7 over the Series 3 include:

  • The Series 7 Blood Pressure Monitor offers refined blood pressure monitoring with increased memory of 90 blood pressure readings at a time for one user
  • The Series 7 Blood Pressure Monitor comes with wireless technology, sporting Bluetooth, which allows you to sync your blood pressure monitor with the OMRON Connect App available at both PlayStore and App Store
  • The Series 7 provides Heart Zone Guidance helping you guide your wrist to heart level, and the proper height for consistent and precise readings
  • Leveraging technology, the OMRON Health Skill for Alexa-enabled devices allows you to keep better track of your heart health

Final Weigh-In

After comparing both products, it must be clear to you that OMRON’s Series 7 wrist blood pressure monitor is more technologically advanced than the OMRON Series 3 wrist blood pressure monitor. The Series 7 features wireless technology, which is not present with the Series 3 blood pressure monitor.

While the addition of technological features and memory capacity is, indeed, an advantage, but the end-user is focused more on the accuracy of reading, which the Series 3 and the Series 7, both offer, without any technical change in result or reading capacity.

What’s more important in this comparison is the price point for both, as the Series 7 blood pressure monitor comes at a cost of $84, as opposed to its predecessor, the Series 3, which priced at $42. A 50% jump in price for the upgrade.

While we do consider the Series 7 as the superior product, but if you already have a Series 3 blood pressure monitor, there’s no need to spend a premium and get the Series 7, if accuracy of readings is all that you desire. If you want to leverage technology further and find that the app connectivity is something that would help with your heart health tracking further, then the Series 7 is the one you should opt for.