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Digital Forehead and Ear Thermometers 2018 – Buyers Guide

In Medical Technology by Kate Wilson

Medical technology or biotechnology refers to the field in which technological products are made for the benefit and ease of human health and their survival.

Over the years, many such products have been invented which are very beneficial for the cure, prevention and diagnosis of diseases. All over the world, many bio-medical engineers are working hard to make products which can prove to be essential for survival. In the last two centuries, medical technology has expanded and given rise to new sciences like diagnostic tests, recombinant gene techniques, genomics, pharmaceutical therapies etc.

As a medical professional, I myself went through the experience of using many thermometers at hospitals and day-care centers for patients, and therefore, came to a conclusion that not every thermometer is reliable and accurate. Thus, I decided to write an article about the 5 best thermometers that are reliable, easy to operate, user-friendly and quite precise in their readings.

Therefore, out of many of them, here are five products that are truly helpful to people of every age group.

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1. Innovo Medical Forehead and Ear (Dual Mode) Thermometer

The Innovo Digital Ear and Forehead Thermometer is CE and FDA approved, and by far the best thermometer in the market. It is leading among all the other ear and forehead thermometers because of the following reasons:

  • It is a dual mode thermometer, capable of collecting readings from both: the ear and the forehead. This is their Unique Selling Proposition, making them stand out from other offerings.
  • It is suitable for any age group, even for newborns, as Innovo is capable of reading the temperature directly from the forehead.
  • In the latest version, it sports the infrared lens technology for better accuracy.
  • It is clinically calibrated to deliver temperature readings very fast: within 1 second. With a built-in memory for last 20 readings, you can count on it to keep track of changes.
  • The built-in fever indicator detects and notifies the user when the temperature exceeds 5°F/37.5°C, by simply flicking the light or a beep.

Last words about Innovo Thermometer:

The Innovo thermometer is all about ease of use: inserting the probe inside the ear or on the forehead, pressing F2 or F1 for ear and forehead respectively and reading the temperature on the digital screen, which is backlit to ensure nighttime legibility. It is simple yet functional, and trusted by healthcare professionals and amateurs alike.

2. iProven DMT- 489 Medical Ear Thermometer With Forehead Function

This thermometer is among the Amazon’s best sellers and is user’s choice because of its efficient performance and accuracy. It is clinically tested and FDA approved, and remains to be consistent, rapid and easy to use. Following are the reasons which makes it one of the best-sellers:

  • It has an effective calibration technology and backlight indicator as well.
  • Just like the Innovo thermometer, it provides fast and accurate readings in under a minute. It also has a beep indicator which tells the user about the completion of the temperature measurement.
  • Just like Innovo, it has a fever alarm and can recall last 20 readings taken. It is trusted by all the medical professionals.

Last words about the iProven DMT-489 Thermometer:

The thermometer boasts outstanding reviews on amazon with mostly 5 stars and warrants a 100-day return policy. Currently, it is available for $33.20 on Amazon. The only factor that I believe makes it the 2nd best forehead and ear thermometer, is that it might not be as reliable as the Innovo, as some users have found a slight retardation in its working between two consecutive readings. Otherwise, it is a perfect thermometer for all age groups.

3. Hylogy Dual Mode Infrared Thermometer

It is a quick, hassle-free, rapid and non-contact thermometer which makes it a unique product. It is also CE and FDA approved. The versatility of this thermometer is that it allows you to check temperatures outside the human body range as well. Other features that stand out include:

  • Like Innovo and iProven, it also comes with memory to keep temperature records.
  • The infrared technology awards it an eccentric ability to change the colors of its backlight, even before getting the reading if the temperature varies from the normal.
  • Intuitive backlight changes according to situations: Green indicates normal temperature, yellow indicates mild fever and red indicates a severe degree of fever.
  • The Hylogy thermometer gives ultra fast readings within 0.5 seconds, providing good clinical monitoring.

Last Words about Hylogy Digital Thermometer:

The Hylogy thermometer is fast, versatile, and displays color graded temperatures for  ease of use. However, there are certain limitations due to which it is placed on 3rd place. First, the illuminated backlight is dim, due to which users find it difficult to read temperatures from infants while they are asleep. Also, sometimes the user needs to take multiple readings to make sure the measurement is correct.

Apart from that, the Hylogy Digital Thermometer is one of the best-sellers on Amazon and is available at a reasonable price of $17.99.

4. FULLLIGHT TECH Digital Infrared Temporal Thermometer

In addition to its infrared temporal feature, which means that the temperature can easily be taken from the temporal region of the head, it is also a dual-mode ear and forehead thermometer, and FDA approved.

  • Like the aforementioned thermometers, it instantly reads the temperature and gives a reading within just 1 second on the press of a button.
  • This digital thermometer has a fever alarm, which is reliable and notifies even the slightest of change in the normal body temperature i.e. 4℉ (38℃) by beeping the red back light, warning you that you may have a fever.
  • It can recall 20 readings, which are accessable using its ‘MEM’ button.

Last words about FULLLIGHT TECH Thermometer:

Its dual mode makes it efficient in reading temperature both ways, by forehead as well as ear. Where this thermometer lacks though, is it’s versatility; reading temperature from the ear through the probe is difficult and in the case of infants, inconvenient.

Apart from that, it offers great perfperformance like all the previous thermometers mentioned above, and is available easily on Amazon at a reasonable price of $21.99.

5. Paramed Dual Mode Thermometer

This digital thermometer has both functions; it takes the temperature instantly from both forehead and ear. It is accurate, compact and light. This thermometer is also FDA approved.

  • It has a high precision sensor with infrared feature and a fever alarm.
  • It features a memory recalling option and backlit display as well.
  • It supports both Fahrenheit and Celsius mode.
  • Results can be obtained at the push of a button within one second.
  • It has an auto shut-off function which works if an inactivity of 60 seconds occurs.

Last words about Paramed Dual Mode Thermometer:

The Paramed Thermometer bags the last position among these 5 best thermometers because unlike others, it remembers only 12 memory readings instead of 20. Moreover, it is found that switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius modes in this thermometer is sometimes a bit difficult. Otherwise, this is an efficient thermometer and is easily available on Amazon at a price of $21.90.

Benefits of choosing an ear and forehead thermometer

So, the benefits of choosing a digital ear or forehead thermometer are that readings acquired are precise, accurate and are trusted by all medical practitioners. They are comfortable to use and are minimally invasive. They are user-friendly because the reading is efficiently displayed on a LCD screen. Apart from that, the major advantage is that they are hygienic to use.

So, before choosing a thermometer, it is advisable to make sure that the thermometer you are going to buy is meeting all these aspects and then select a product which is reliable, accurate and precise according to your needs.

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