Foot Massager For Neuropathy – Good & Bad Side!

It’s not just diabetic patients who have to deal with foot and injury problems, but also people who have issues with neuropathy in general. For that purpose, besides the medication therapy, scientists have discovered that massages also prove to be highly effective. There’s a reason why there’s an ongoing trend and demand for masseuses.

The only downfall to that is that no one has time to go to masseuses for a foot or hand massage and even if they do, some people can not afford to do so, hence leading to worsening of the condition and symptoms. To avoid this problem, invest in a good electric foot massager that caters to neuropathy specifically which can save you the hassle of going to the doctor repeatedly and taking excessive medications to cope too.

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What is Neuropathy?

Related to the brand of medicine and science, neuropathy is when a nerve or group of nerves do not function optimally. They may instead, function abnormally. There may be many cases for that including trauma, diabetes as well as illnesses and a lot more.Neuropathy

What Is A Foot Massager?

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Quick Overview

A foot massager is a massage tool used to mimic human touch. It stimulates your muscles and relaxes them via vibration, kneading, heating and rolling. They are designed to calm the inflammation in your nerves, though it cannot fully heal it, but can temporarily give you relief from burning and itching sensations.

How Long Should You Massage Your Feet For Neuropathy?

Ideally, you should spend 15 minutes every day on both foot. Along with that, self care is essential to improve or reverse the tissue damage that is caused by Neuropathy. Lightly massaging both feet deeply can help you calm your muscles and alleviate symptoms overtime too.

Massage Your Feet For Neuropathy

Are Shiatsu Foot Massagers Good For Neuropathy?

Shiatsu foot massagers are great for your overall well-being. Similar to how a proper massage can help in calming your sore muscles, Shiatsu foot massagers do the same.

Moreover, it also enhances blood circulation which results in a speedy recovery. You can bid farewell to those terrible sores in your hands, feet, arm, neck or any other place, using Shiatsu foot massagers. They work best after taking a warm bath. Also, it can make the tingling and itching sensations go away too.

Shiatsu Foot Massagers Good For Neuropathy

Do Foot Massagers Help In Relieving Neuropathy?

Foot massages can’t be considered as a permanent solution for Neuropathy as the medical condition is chronic. It does not he the nerve damage completely, but foot massagers can help is easing sore and tired feet. When a massage properly targets the tissues surrounding the affected area, the nerves also begin to experience intense relief. This ultimately results in the pain being subsided.

Foot Massagers Help In Relieving Symptoms of Neuropathy

A good foot massager can be a long-term investment and which gives you symptoms relieving massage without the expensive cost. Besides that, you can add value into your life by having this powerful machine at your place. Stress and anxiety – two popular enemies of the humans of today, can become strong as ever, hence we need to up our game in terms of managing and preventing it.

Precautions to Opt For Before Using A Foot Massager for Neuropathy

Though massages can be great, it is important to take precautionary measures before using them. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Avoid if you’re physically injured
    It’s always advisable to examine an injury before using a foot massager. This is because massaging an injured area can increase the pain or irritate the skin further.
    Avoid if you’re physically injured
  • Avoid using it on swollen areas
    A foot massager should never be used on swollen areas because it can not heal swelling. Instead, this will cause more discomfort which can aggravate your symptoms too.Avoid using it on swollen areas
  • Don’t burn your skin!
    Be careful using the foot warmers – you do not want to burn your skin by making it extra hot. Hence keep an eye out for the accurate temperature to get the ideal results. Those who have neuropathy in the feet are advised not to use high-heat massagers too.Don’t burn your skin!
  • Don’t apply too much pressure
    One thing that you must avoid doing will be to apply too much pressure using the foot massager. If you apply a moderate amount of pressure, then that is workable. However, too much pressure applied to one area can result in swelling of muscles.Don’t apply too much pressure

Final Thoughts

All in all, it can be said that Neuropathy is a chronic condition that requires a lot of medical attention and care from the patient’s end. Investing in a good foot massager can solve half of your problems as you can use it from the convenience of your own home. Besides that, the sooner you start treating the problem, the more you’ll avoid having complications later on in life. Hence without delays, if you suffer from this problem, then get a good foot massager at prompt.