Best Neck Massagers – For Neck Pain Or Trauma in [year]

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People are now becoming more concerned about their health and fitness as the world is progressing at a much faster pace.
With a lot of errands to cover up in their daily life, a human needs care and rest. Many of them doesn’t even find time to get their hair brushed since they are so occupied with their work.

Therapy, today, has gotten easy, and more specifically, portable. With technologies being integrated into contemporary massage and therapy, we are seeing the use of massage guns, handheld massagers, and dedicated foot massagers even.

If you suffer from long-seating hours in your office or have sustained a neck injury in the recent past, this article is just for you.

Today, we’re going to cover the 10 best neck massagers in [year], which you could use at the luxury of your homes and get that well-deserved massage treatment.

Best Neck Massagers Breif:

Neck muscles are highly sensitive, which is why the slightest of misalignment would cause neck trauma. Sometimes, even just by sitting at your desk for long hours, will cause you neck pain.

Hence, to relieve yourself of neck pain or trauma, we are covering and reviewing the best neck massagers you could get to activate and relax those fatigued neck muscles and keep them up and running.

Before we get into the details of each Neck Massager, we have compiled a list, for you to review the basic specs of the Neck Massagers, to give you an idea about the summarized specs of the device. Additionally, we have mentioned the link to products, in the table, so that you may toggle to the product listing, without having to look it up.

Here’s the brief tabulated specs of the products that’ll be covered in this Review Brief:

List Of The Best Neck Massagers [year]

Product Technology Massage Heads/ Nodes Heating Function Adjustable Levels/ Intensities Cordless
SKG G7 Pro Deep Tissue Neck Massager Infrared 9 Yes 4 Yes View Deal
RESTECK Neck Massager Electric Shiatsu 8 Yes 4 No View Deal
Papillon Neck Massager 3D Kneading and Shiatsu 16 Yes 4 No View Deal
Etekcity Neck Massager 3D Kneading 8 Yes 3 Yes View Deal
Neckology Intelligent Neck Massage Electrical Impulse Therapy 2 Yes 15 Yes View Deal
FreshLife Neck Massager Electrical Impulse Therapy 4 Yes 10 Yes View Deal
Snailax Neck Massager Kneading and Shiatsu 6 Yes 2 No View Deal
Nateck Cervical & Neck Massager Kneading, Shiatsu, and Memory Cushion 2 Yes 3 Yes View Deal
CONQUECO Neck Massager Kneading, Shiatsu, Electric, Memory Cushion 24 Yes 2 Yes View Deal
ZDEER Neck Massager Kneading, Shiatsu, Inflatable Cushion 2 Yes Neck and Neck 2 View Deal

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1. SKG G7 Pro Deep Tissue Neck Massager – Deep Massage Therapy!

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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

Quick Overview

SKG’s G7 Pro Neck Massager is one that you’d be willing and wanting to carry everywhere and anywhere you go, especially if you’re someone having neck stiffness or neck issues in general. An advanced, infrared-based deep tissue neck massager that acts as a complete neck massage therapy, with the added benefit of being cordless.

Description of Features

  • Deep-tissue infrared based massage allows for advanced neck massage therapy using infrared (red-light therapy) technology
  • 9 Vibrating Massage Heads/ Nodes with 630mm infrared radiation allows for deep muscle penetration up to 10mm including the lower neck muscles
  • Smart heating function allows for a gentle and soothing neck massage along with effective pain relief
  • 8 energy-concentrating red-light beads provide targeted neck massage therapy placed strategically in a way to target stiff neck muscles
  • With 4 massage modes and 3 heating intensities, you can expect an impactful and tailored massage therapy
  • Cordless functionality allows you to carry the neck massager anywhere you’d want
  • Extremely lightweight carrying only 180 grams of weight making the fit and feel of this neck massager ideal for timely usage
  • Based on 15-minute usage (per day), you can expect 10 days of continuous usage, after a single full charge, from the equipped 2400mAh battery
  • The neck massager is made and designed by expert development team with over 946 registered patents to ensure uniqueness of products
  • Specialized infrared/ red-light therapy for deep tissue massage
  • Multiple settings with 9 vibrating massage heads
  • Cordless functionality
  • Heating function
  • Patented technology
  • Might be a bit complicated for the average user
  • Not based on Shiatsu

2. RESTECK Neck Massager – Neck Massage Champ!

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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

Quick Overview

RESTECK’s Neck Massager is one that you’d be willing and wanting to carry everywhere and anywhere you go. Even if you don’t typically have muscle fatigue. Acting as a 3D Kneading pillow for effective neck massage, you’ll be finding yourself massaging your muscles often, especially with its muscle pain relieving capabilities through intense 3D kneading and shiatsu massage. What’s more interesting is that this product acts as one of the best back massager as well.

Description of Features

  • Deep Kneading Performance with simulated massage that provides professional-feeling massage therapy, effective for neck pain relief
  • 3D Kneading Nodes allow for deep tissue therapy especially with stiff neck muscles
  • Smart 4-button control with 2 loops to keep your arms in place allows for the perfect placement of the massager having your neck rested and tucked in
  • Helps in relieving chronic muscle tension in the neck, alleviate stress, soothe stiffness, and help relieve muscle fatigue associated with the neck
  • Heating option available with the ability to customize direction of heat and massage for targeted neck massage therapy
  • 3 adjustable intensities allow you to set the course of your neck massage that falls under your comfort zone
  • Added duffle bag is perfect for you to take it anywhere you want and get your neck relaxed in no time
  • Read a detailed review of RESTECK Neck Massager!
  • 3D Kneading Nodes for deep neck massage therapy
  • 3 adjustable intensities for tailored neck massage
  • Useful carry bag in case you’re on-the-go
  • No cordless functionality

3. Papillon Neck Massager – Your Neck Massage Partner!

shiatsu -papillon-neck-massagerMassager
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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

Quick Overview

The list of the best neck massagers be complete without the inclusion of Papillon’s uniquely designed pillow-based neck massager. This shiatsu-based, deep kneading neck massager has the added heating option to deliver the ultimate neck massage in a small package that performs exceptionally well in terms of soothing the stiff muscles of your neck and relieving tightness or stiffness.

Description of Features

  • Ergonomically designed to provide the ideal fit and feel to your neck during massage
  • 16 different 3D nodes offering massage unlike any other neck massagers, with deep muscle penetration
  • 360-degree bi-rotational deep tissue kneading technology offers an impactful and effective neck massage
  • Targets knotted muscles in the neck and helps alleviate neck pain and stiffness
  • Built-in infrared heat lights for additional warmth and gentle massage for you neck, thereby helping with blood circulation
  • Massage technology used allows for the elimination of excess lactic acid from the neck significantly helping with pain relief
  • Advanced massage therapy combining shiatsu, deep kneading, and infrared technology
  • 16 different adjustable intensities for targeted massage therapy
  • 360-degree bi-rotational kneading nodes
  • No cordless functionality

4. Etekcity Cordless Neck Massager – Electrifying Massage!

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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

Quick Overview

With specialized infrared red heat technology, this cordless neck massager by Etekcity, gently gives the muscles the required ease with the improvement in vascularization. It comes with 8 bi-directional roller balls that provide a deep kneading massage to the targeted body areas.

Description of Features

  • 8 powerful 3D deep-kneading shiatsu massage nodes allowing your muscles to fully relax and relieve any fatigue or stress present
  • Ergonomically designed to provide you with targeted massage therapy and deep tissue penetration
  • Bi-directional massage movement allows for better distribution of massage for a thorough treatment
  • 3-hour long-lasting battery life allows for an uninterrupted massage session for maximum therapy and pain relief
  • Cordless functionality is an added bonus as it allows you with the luxury of portability and not worry about plugging the massager onto a wall during the massage
  • Gentle heating function works best with the overall deep-kneading massage helping your neck to fully relax and soothe
  • High-quality skincare mesh fabric making for an overall soothing and more relaxed massage experience
  • Etekcity Cordless Neck Massager Review
  • 8 3D deep-kneading nodes for effective massage therapy
  • Ergonomically designed with breathable mesh fabric
  • Cordless functionality
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Operational sound/ noise is a bit high
  • Only 3 adjustable intensities

5. Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager – Massage with Intelligence!

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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

Quick Overview

Another excellent neck massager that made it to our list of best neck massagers in [year], is a truly exceptional neck massager, as it is not your average pillow-shaped or collar-based massager. This one is for someone who wants an intelligent massage therapy and is a fan of electronical impulse therapy. Inspired by the over-head headphone design, this neck massager delivers professional-level massage therapy, through electric pulses in an extremely intelligent and efficient manner.

Description of Features

  • Different from traditional neck massagers as it uses Electronic Impulse Therapy for effective neck massage
  • Ergonomically designed to precisely fit the area of your neck
  • 15 levels of intensities with 4 different pulse modes designed for deep tissue massage and muscle penetration
  • The soft and skincare silicon materials used allow for the ideal fitting making the carotid artery of your neck pressure-free during massage
  • In-built intelligent heating function adjusting the level of heat as per the massage mode providing gentle warmth to the overall massage session
  • Cordless functionality coupled with long-lasting battery life for uninterrupted massage
  • Extremely lightweight weighing under 0.5LB
  • Remote-enabled operation to for complete control during the massage
  • Electronic Impulse Therapy massage technology for best possible neck massage
  • Intelligent heating function
  • Cordless functionality
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Remote-enabled operation
  • 15 varying intensity levels
  • The design of the neck massager may not be ideal for everyone
  • The electronic impulse/ shocks administered may not be suitable for everyone

6. FreshLife Neck Massager – Fresh Massage!

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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

Quick Overview

The year [year] is the year for electronic impulse massagers. The technology is getting popular by the day, simply because of how effective it is against pain relief, when it comes to neck pain or neck stiffness. This electric-based neck massager by FreshLife is ideal for most users, especially those who prefer electronic impulse therapy.

Description of Features

  • Effortless Electronic Impulse Therapy massage for maximum effectiveness from neck pain
  • Designed to similar real human massage through strategically engineered electronic nodes targeted to provide pain relief
  • Excellent for nerve simulation and neck stiffness due to electronic impulses
  • 6 simulated massage modes including comprehensive, kneading, massaging, scraping, acupuncture, and tapping
  • 9 different levels of intensities against every massage mode, allowing for a targeted massage therapy
  • Cordless functionality allows for overall portability and ease of use
  • Intelligent gentle heating function providing the right amount of warmth during massage
  • Extremely lightweight weighing only 190g with long-lasting battery life
  • Advanced Electronic Impulse Therapy massage
  • Intelligent heating function
  • 9 different intensity levels for customized massage session
  • Cordless functionality
  • The design is not ideal for everyone
  • Electronic impulse therapy is not ideal for everyone

7. Snailax Neck Massager – All Tucked In!

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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

Quick Overview

This is another excellent shiatsu-based neck massager that makes it onto our list of best neck massagers in [year]. With an ergonomic design and excellent use of materials, you can expect a fabulous massage therapy session. Snailax shiatsu neck massager will help you get the right pain relief therapy for you neck with its 6 deep kneading shiatsu massage nodes. A 15-minute massage session is all you need to get your neck up and running.

Description of Features

  • Effortless neck massage with heating option through 6 adjustable nodes rotating around your neck to relieve stiffness
  • Soothing heat function emitting heat only from the nodes to allow for better heat dissipation coupled with a relaxing and gentle massage
  • Auto-shut off after 15-minutes of usage to avoid over massage or overuse
  • Premium use of materials that allows for skincare protection
  • Very lightweight, portable, and easy to carry
  • Soothing heat function
  • 3D deep-kneading massage
  • Premium use of materials
  • Overheat protection
  • Only 2 intensity levels for adjustment
  • No cordless functionality

8. Nateck Cervical & Neck Massager – Cushioned Therapy!

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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

Quick Overview

If you are a fan of cushioned or cushion-based neck massagers, then this might just be the one for you. Nateck’s pillow-inspired collar-styled neck massager is a cozy pillow that tucks and wraps itself around your neck, providing you with an extremely comfortable massage. Coupled with the soothing heating option, your neck fatigue and stiffness will go poof.

Description of Features

  • Cushion-inspired design allows for instant relaxation providing optimal comfort to your neck wherever you’re sitting or lying down
  • Made and engineered with special type of memory foam, coupled with soft velvet covering, you can expect the ideal neck massage
  • Carefully placed nodes designed to offer targeted massage therapy to your neck
  • With 2 deep kneading massage nodes and 3 adjustable intensities, you can set the massage pace and strength accordingly
  • On-board heating function allows for additional gentle warmth highly effective for pain relief
  • Extremely lightweight and portable making it easy to carry around anywhere you’d want
  • Cushion styled design offers maximum comfort
  • Heating function
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Deep kneading nodes
  • Cordless functionality
  • Less adjustable intensities

9. CONQUECO Neck Massager – Embrace the Cushion!

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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

Quick Overview

Another cushion-styled neck massager, ideal for people on-the-go, and mostly traveling, as its design is suited to individual who suffer from prolonged neck issues, neck stiffness, and overall neck fatigue. The best part about this neck massager is that it is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around coupled with other features that make it the ideal neck massager to get in [year].

Description of Features

  • On-board gentle heating function emitted through the memory cushion and fabric for soothing massage
  • Cushion-styled design is ideal for people with prolonged neck issues providing optimal level of comfort
  • The U-shaped design is an ideal fit for every individual and acts as a comfortable head rest.
  • 24 deep kneading rotation knots inside this neck massager will allow for an intense and deep tissue penetration for maximum pain relief
  • Advanced heating functionality also available for targeted massage therapy
  • Cordless functionality with magnetic buckle makes this the ideal choice for frequent travelers
  • Long-lasting battery life with 2500mAh battery, lasting you for full 7 days (after a single full charge)
  • Advanced reinforced heating function
  • 24 Deep-kneading massage nodes
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Cordless functionality
  • Magnetic buckle may not fit for people with thicker necks or large traps

10. ZDEER Neck Massager – Inflatable Massage!

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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

Quick Overview

The year [year] is all about cushion-inspired neck massagers, as it is becoming quite popular amongst individuals due to its design language and extra comfort. The unique feature about this neck massager is that it has inflatable feature, meaning that it inflates to provide extra coziness to you neck for maximum pain relief and effective massage.

Description of Features

  • Cushion-inspired U-shaped design allows for instant relaxation providing optimal comfort to your neck wherever you’re sitting or lying down
  • Inflatable cushion feature is excellent as it creates compression in your neck for deep tissue penetration through the targeted nodes
  • Carefully placed nodes designed to offer targeted massage therapy to your neck
  • Fits perfectly with the arc of your neck due to its non-conventional design allowing you to relax your muscles fully and completely
  • Cordless functionality will allow you to carry this massager anywhere you’d want without having to worry about plugging it in a wall socket
  • Very easy to use with simple buttle mechanism making it ideal for less tech savvy individuals
  • Made with soft memory foam material which is washable for added comfort and ease of use
  • Long-lasting battery life paired with 2000mAh battery
  • Auto shut-off feature after 15 minutes
  • 3D rubbing nodes with bi-directional rotation for effective neck massage therapy
  • Gentle heating through the neck massager
  • Extremely comfortable and lightweight
  • 3D rubbing nodes
  • Made with soft memory foam
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Cordless functionality
  • No advanced heating functions
  • Only 2 intensity levels

Factors to Consider When Buying Neck Massagers

Before we discuss individual factors, here’s a blueprint for starters, to make things easy for you:

factors-to-consider-when-neck massage


When it comes to neck massagers, the technology used is a crucial factor, in determining what type of neck massager you would choose. While every neck massager has different technology, and we also tried to keep our reviewed picks diverse enough for you to decide and reap full benefits of the different types of neck massagers. While the massage premise is essentially the same, which is based on Shiatsu, the technology varies in terms of type of massage. Some neck massagers offer electrical impulse therapy which is a form of sending electrical waves at your neck area to help dimmish neck pain or fatigue. Others offer deep kneading with shiatsu where you have rotatable 3D nodes massaging the entire area. Some neck massagers also offer infrared technology, which emits infrared to activate the massage therapy. All in all, you need to consider the technology of the neck massager, based on personal preferences.


Heating function is extremely important when it comes to neck massagers because without heating function, your massager won’t allow your muscles to fully recover and heal effectively. Heat allows the massage nodes to penetrate deep into the skin tissues and muscle, for long-lasting pain relief. And this is especially the case with Neck Massagers. The gentle warmth released by the heating nodes allows the neck massagers to create an impactful massage that sinks in deep inside the skin coupled with the massage therapy itself for the best possible massage. The neck massagers that we have covered and listed come with the heating function, regardless of what technology the neck massager is equipped with or using.

Other Factors

Some other factors that many people consider while buying a Neck Massage include:

  • Cushioned Rest – While this is a feature that you’d find in rather expensive and professional-grade neck massagers, some portable neck massagers, which we have included in our list are completely cushion-based, allowing for inflatability feature for added compression. Having a cushion-based resting neck massager, gives you more mobility and relaxation while putting on the neck massager, and allows for a deeper massage therapy. This is especially the case with adults who are above 50, or those who have prolonged neck issues and stiffness. The cushion base allows to tuck in your neck properly and with the optimal amount of comfort. This feature is nod idolized by every single individual, but it is a good feature or addition to the neck massager or a ‘nice to have.’ We have reviewed few cushion-based neck massagers if you’d want to get those.
  • Cordless Functionality – Cordless functionality is also a ‘nice to have’ feature, while it might be the deciding factor for some individuals as well. Most comprehensive and traditional neck massagers with deep kneading and shiatsu technology don’t come with cordless functionality, while those having cushions or electrical impulses, offer cordless functionality. Having a cordless neck massager means that you’re going to have to recharge it after every single usage. This also means that you’ll eventually have to replace its batteries with prolonged usage. None the less, people who are mostly on-the-go and travel a lot, prefer to have a cordless neck massager with them, which is why it’s an overall good factor to consider. We’ve also made sure to include a couple of cordless neck massagers, if that’s something you fancy.


By now you must’ve gathered a pretty good idea about what type of Neck Massagers are available in the market, and what factors you should consider or keep in mind when opting for a Neck Massager.

Having said that, the review parameters, and factors that we have discussed incorporate a holistic perspective, keeping in mind the dynamics of the end-user, given that the individual is either a professional athlete or sportsmen or an average user. However, in general, all the Neck Massagers that we have reviewed above are ideal for majority of the users and in the end, it will all come down to the personal preference of the end-user, given his/ her liking for a certain type of Neck Massager, whether it is pillow-based that you prefer or a seat-inspired one. All factors are mentioned separately to help you navigate your preference and liking before taking your purchase decision.

One factor might outweigh the other, for any given user. It all boils down to individual needs and preferences.

Nonetheless, we made sure to pick our products, keeping the average needs in mind, and filling different unique gaps for user preferences. Hence, we kept our picks diverse enough for our users to help them find the best one, suited to different needs.