Best Muscle Pain Relief TENS Machine – For Better Pain Management – Updated 2024

Those who suffer from chronic pain have their lives revolving around researches to find anything that could possibly give them relief even if it means for some time. Being in constant pain is not the best feeling in the world and when it goes unmanaged, even normal activities like eating and sleeping become a challenge.

For some, the answer lies in surgery, physio-therapy or over the counter pills but there are other unfortunates whose cure isn’t in any of it.

Then there are those whose work routines are so lethargic that they come back home with all sorts of body pains and muscle cramps.

This is where tech companies have stepped in as heroes claiming that their product can provide the relief everyone has been long looking for. They say their products are safe, friendly and provide relief from pain, but how do you choose which one is the best from so many different products each claiming the same?

We have picked 5 of the best pain relieving machines that claim to ease your pain and give you the relaxation that you deserve.

Our basis of research:

  1. The product should be customer-friendly. It should not require the help of any other person so even when you are alone you can benefit from the product without having to suffer just because your product needs someone else’s help.
  2. Quality of the product should be unremarkable. The quality of the product speaks a lot about its product and promises a long run.
  3. It should deliver what it promises.

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Best Pain Relief Tens Machine 2024

Product Name Technology Adhesive Pads Powered By Prices
Healthmate BM8ML Electrotherapy technology 4 Rechargeable internal lithium battery View Deal
Roscoe Medical Individual electrical therapeutic waves 4 9V batteries View Deal
Beurer EM44 High-frequency electronic pulse 4 3 AAA Batteries View Deal
Kedsum 16 Modes Electrotherapy technology 4 AC adapter (110V-240V) View Deal
“Deluxe Easy@HomeEHE010” Rhythmic impulses 4 4 AAA Batteries View Deal

1. Healthmate HM8ML TENS and PMS Portable Pain Relief Device.

Healthmate HM8ML TENS and PMS
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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

Quick Overview

HealthMateForever is #1 brand when it comes to making pain relief devices. They have over 50 such products and what’s great about the products is the improvements they keep doing so each device is better, and this one is no different. The successor to HM8ML, the BM8ML is an excellent pain relief device, that offers all the good elements of its predecessor, but with added improvements for better pain relief.

BM8ML uses advanced Electrotherapy technology that sends out multiple electrical therapeutic waves through its electrodes, with a combination of different settings and intensity levels. The advanced Electrotherapy technology is able to deliver effective pain relief, one that is long-lasting.


BM8ML is a portable drug-free pain relief alternative for effective pain relief, providing the user with nerve stimulation as well as muscle relaxation.

The device is an upgraded version of HM8ML, so it gets better with mode customization. There are 8 different types of massages – Tunia (push and pull), tapping, acupuncture, foot, leg, cupping, back and combination, which is great because depending upon pain or desired treatment, we tend to change the massage technique. The different modes are good enough to keep you covered and equipped.

While we are on the subject of massages, you also get to choose from 20 different levels of strength or intensities, using the plus and minus button available on the device and use the pause button to stop the device any time you want within a second.

  • Long life pads with self-adhesive.
  • Offers Wireless Connectivity feature.
  • Advanced Electrotherapy technology for effective pain relief
  • Has multiple modes and levels of massages.
  • Will require new pads once these gets old.

2. Roscoe Medical TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit

Roscoe Medical TENS 7000
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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

Quick Overview

Roscoe Medical’s TENS 7000 is also doctor’s recommendation as one of the best devices that provides instant pain relief. The company has 10 years of success in the same field becoming one of the pioneers in making people’s life better, especially to chronic pain patients and has been approved by the FDA.

The product has over 5000 5 star reviews for the product on Amazon and is one of the highly recommended devices to customers and has been sold over 1M.


TENS 7000 Digital Unit has made its name in providing pain relief through prescription strengths. The main key feature that sets this device apart from the rest is that it has dual independent channels that can control 4 unit pads for different target areas giving you a complete experience of muscle relaxation, nerve relaxation and massage.

The device works effectively in relieving neck pain, shoulder pain, carpel tunnel, arthritis, joints pain, knee pain, elbow pain, leg pain and foot pain.

As we researched about this particular product, we found it getting better and better. The device comes with 5 program modes to choose from and ease mode is easily adjustable :

5 Program Modes:

  1. Burst Mode (B): Burst rate – adjustable, 0.5 – 5 Hz; Pulse width – adjustable, 50 – 300 µs; Frequency fixed = 100 Hz
  2. Normal Mode (N): Pulse rate and pulse width are adjustable. Generates continuous stimulation based on setting value.
  3. Modulation Mode (M): Combination of pulse rate and pulse width modulation. Total cycle time = 1 second.
  4. Strength-Duration Mode (SD1): Consists of automatic modulation intensity and pulse width in 40% range. The intensity is always increasing, with the pulse width decreasing, and vice versa. Total cycle time = 10 seconds.
  5. Strength-Duration Mode (SD2): Consists of automatic modulation intensity and pulse width in 70% range. The intensity is always increasing, with the pulse width decreasing, and vice versa. Total cycle time = 10 seconds.

The TENS unit muscle stimulator and electric massager is everything that you need to manage your pain. With different channels, you can control 2 electrodes. The product comes with 4 electrodes that are high quality based, self-adhesive and lasts for multiple use.

  • Long lasting electrode pads.
  • Multiple application pads, self-adhesive.
  • 5 adjustable program modes.
  • Comes with carrier for easy storage.
  • Only 4 electrode pads.

3. Beurer EM44 TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator

Beurer EM44 - Back Pain Relief
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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

Quick Overview

The Beurer EM44 is a highly versatile pain relief device that has been engineered carefully, keeping performance and consistency in mind. The company itself doesn’t need any introduction, whatsoever, as Beurer is an established name in the health and wellness market, producing top-tier, medical-grade health instruments, that represents the company’s prolonged consistency towards health and wellness, for over 100 years.

Moving on to the Beurer EM44, this FDA approved muscle Stimulator device is effective in the treatment of muscle-related issues, like muscle soreness, stiffness, ache, and vice versa. In addition to that, Beurer is dedicated towards serving its customers, for the better, which is why their support team is second to none.


EM44 is a high quality muscle pain relieving device that deploys high frequency electronic pulses in a rhythmic pattern to ease muscle stiffness, soreness, and effectively help with pain relief, in the targeted areas. The device comes with a number of preset programs that are specifically programmed for different muscle groups. If we talk about numbers, the device sports 15 different programs in total, out of which 3 programs are fully customizable, for the added convenience of the user. These programs, maybe controlled through the on board intensity settings, ranging from 1 to 50, depending on which setting you might be comfortable at. The device also has a pause function, in case you need to stop in between.

The best part about this device is that you can operate it anywhere you want, targeting almost every muscle. The 4 reusable electrode pads, with two connection wires are safe and easy enough for you to get started in a quick fashion. Ideally, the Beurer EM44 is most effective for lower back pain relief, shoulders, elbows, thighs, knees, calves, and ankles, which are generally the most affected muscles, as a person ages.

Furthermore, this device stands out in the aesthetics department as well. With a bright, large LCD display panel, and conveniently labeled buttons, allows the user to get the hang of this device, without having to go through the instruction manual. Having said that, the screen will also display the guidelines of placing the electrodes in a very catchy manner, that appeals the user at first glance. It is both, easy to understand, interpret, and select the programs, as everything is defined in a user-friendly manner.

Perhaps, what’s even more convenient for the user, is that this device has 50 different intensity levels on board, meaning that you’re bound to get the ideal setting, plus, the intensity levels are quite easy to navigate and toggle, with a nifty pause button as well.

  • Medical-grade TENS and EMS
  • Effective pain relief through high frequency electronic impulse
  • 50 different intensity levels on board
  • 12 preset modes, with 3 customizable modes for added convenience
  • No extra ports for additional pads
  • Comes with only 4 electrode pads.
  • Relatively expensive

4. Kedsum 16 Modes Tens Unit Electric Mini Massager Muscle Stimulator.

Kedsum 16 Modes Tens Unit
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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

Quick Overview

Kedsum Electric Mini Massager Muscle Stimulator uses Electrotherapy technology, which uses high frequency electrical currents to relief pain and providing a therapeutic massage to the body. The pulse sent through the device is designed to send impulse through the nervous system stopping the nerves from triggering the pain receptors. So basically it works like a pain killer but only this is drug free.

The device has been sold with good ratings and over 1000 5 star ratings from customers who appreciate the product worth its price.


It is designed using the stimulated ancient Chinese therapeutic methods that send electronic rhythmic signals to the body, with different modes giving different effects such as cupping, knocking, acupuncture, massage, tapping and shiatsu.

Place the pads anywhere on your body from back. neck, shoulder, arms, legs, joints, calves, and more. It works effectively in reducing chronic pain, muscle soreness, tiredness, stiffness and muscle tension resulting in a complete pain free experience and a good sleep.

The device comes with a plus and minus button for intensity control and has a double wire set along with double ports to use all 4 pads at the same time and has a timer for 10 to 60 minutes.

There are 16 preprogrammed massages:

  • Lateral palm kneading
  • Flat palm kneading
  • Crosscut fist kneading
  • Vertical fist kneading
  • Acupuncture
  • Moxibustion
  • Acupuncture kneading
  • Rubbing reduction
  • Tapping
  • Fibrillation massage
  • Lifting-pinching manipulation
  • Vibrating manipulation
  • Thai massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Sensitive Parts Massage Mode 1
  • Sensitive Parts Massage Mode 2
  • Double wires and double portals for 4 pads.
  • 16 modes to choose from.
  • Very versatile options, easily adjustable.
  • You cannot use pads on same part of body for more than 30 mins.
  • You can only use 4 same sized pads at once.

5. Deluxe Easy@Home EHE010 TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator.

Deluxe Easy@Home EHE010 TENS Unit
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Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US

Quick Overview

Easy@home provides a money back guarantee on their product because they are this sure much sure about the working of their product. Deluxe EHE010 Pulse Massager TENS UNIT uses electric impulses sent towards the nerves, muscles and cells, stimulating all the three to give you an exceptional pain relief and relaxation.

The device is an effective drug free pain relief device which is portable, handy and is made stylish for the eyes. Their device is 100% safe and has been approved by the FDA and OTC as one of the best pain relieving device. It also receives more than 500 5 star rating and customer reviews and recommendations.


The upgraded device has rhythmic impulses that are designed specifically to stop triggering nerves that produce pain.

The main device is just the size of your remote controlling making it portable and handy to use on the go. The panel of the device is touch responsive with an large LCD screen that has an inbuilt light to use in the dark as well.

You can easily manage from 3 modes of stimulation depending upon where you are using it and 6 auto procedure option. There is a timer for how long you want the massage and then there is a specific option of 10 stimulation strengths to choose from.

You can use all the 4 electrode pads at once.

  • Long life adhesive pads.
  • Portable and handy to take outdoors.
  • Good battery life.
  • Can be used anywhere on the body.
  • Only 4 electrode pads in the box.
  • Additional purchase required for more electrode pads.

Please ask your questions about the best pain relief devices below.