How Often Should I Use Electric Massager?

Our daily routine can truly become draining, to the point that we reach a burnout phase. This is where we end up giving up on all the tasks as a whole. If you want to avoid being in that situation, invest in a good electric massager. A good electric massager will not only relax your muscles but can have a good psychological effect as well. This can boost your mood too!

Why Should You Have An Electric Massager?

A good electric massager is important for several reasons. Some of them are listed below:

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  • These tools are excellent for releasing knots and relieving sore muscles.
  • A good massage can rejuvenate your body and help you sleep well at night without hogging up on the sleeping pills.
  • You can use an electric massager without needing anyone’s help. You can do it yourself at home too!
  • They can help with injuries and swelling.
  • They are available in many shapes, forms and sizes, ranging from a massage gun to handheld massagers.

For Which Conditions Is An Electric Massager Suitable?

Back Pain

  • Back pain
    Whether it is because of prolonged sitting or walking, back pain can be troublesome and can turn into a chronic problem leading to many health issues later on in life, hence to avoid that, opt for a good back electric massager which can relax your back muscles.
  • Neck pain Neck pain
    Sometimes working too much or taking too much stress, even seasonal changes along with sleeping in awkward positions can result in neck pain. Whatever the reason may be, a good electric neck massager can help you get rid of it quickly as it will deeply stimulate your muscles, to make them relaxed.

Anxiety and Stress

  • Anxiety and Stress
    Two of the most commonly heard terms these days – anxiety and stress can hinder your ability to think straight and disrupt your daily routine. To de-stress, invest in a good electric massager that can send calming signals to your brain which can put you in a good mood!


  • Pregnancy
    All of the conditions stated above, are experienced by pregnant women. The best option for them is to have an electric massager which can help them relax and feel at ease. Not just that, but it is also good for women who in the period of post partum.

What’s the Catch?

Catch Electric Massager

A small catch that comes with an electric massager, especially if you’re getting a massage gun or a handheld one is that you will have to use a lot of your own energy to get a massage. Most people tend to resort to a masseuse because of this reason too. However, this isn’t always the most cost effective solution, hence a lightweight and compact electric massager can come to the rescue, as you can easily use it whenever you want, without any cost!

How Often Should You Use An Electric Massager?

An electric massager can be used two to three times a day depending on the needs and preferences of an individual. Whether you have done a workout and needs a relaxing time or whether you want it to use if for daily purpose, an electric massager is an all rounder for your desires.

In the case of any allergic reaction to the electric massager, you should immediately stop using it. Besides that, you shouldn’t ever use it directly on your joints either. Moreover, if you use it in the recommended times, you’re all sit to have the best experience!

Can You Use An Electric Massager Excessively?

Manufacturers of electric massagers, be it a massage gun, a handheld massager, or any other device, recommend a maximum duration of 30 minutes. It is enough to use the electric massager twice a day. In the case of chronic inflammatory pain, maximum three times is far more than enough.

Final Thoughts

In the world of booming economies and inflation rate on the rise too, instead of opting for a masseuse, invest in a long term equipment that you can use anytime and is cost effective too, an electric massager. This can be helpful for all the family members in the house as well. You should note that it may add up to the electricity costs, but it won’t impact it as such.

We do not see any other drawback of this excellent and seamlessly convenient tool. You will be a few buttons away from saying goodbye to your chronic or acute pains, anywhere in the body! You can browse through the top-notch brands to get your picks with the best functionality, but be sure to not fall for the looks. Massage guns and handheld massagers can be your saviours, so do look into that!