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Best Laptop Coolers 2017 & 2018 – Buyers Guide

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Laptops have surely come a long way, and in the last few years the trend has been in favor of thinner and lighter laptops. This inevitably means that cooling is a big problem for modern laptops. We all have been there, you are on the verge of submitting an important assignment, the fan is spinning at full speeds, the battery is draining fast, and the laptop is frying your lap hard; this happens to the best of us, and the anxiety is real.

Well, laptop coolers are here for the rescue. Where modern laptops fail to deliver on cooling performance, some aftermarket solutions come in handy. Read on to find out more about what we think are the best laptop coolers you can buy as of late 2017. But before we start, let’s clear some important details:

  1. Only buy a laptop cooler if you really need it. While we do not favor any brands, Apple MacBook, Dell XPS, and HP Spectre series are well known for their adequate cooling solutions. Also, if you have a gaming laptop, you may or may not need a cooler. For example, users with Dell Alienware laptops report less gains as compared to other brands. Therefore, we advise you to be sure whether you really need an external solution.
  2. Make sure the laptop cooler you buy supports your laptop size. Most Coolers are compatible with laptops ranging between a screen size of 11 inches all the way to 17 or 19 inches.
  3. Laptop coolers have started to come in different shapes and sizes recently. We have listed the ones that are the most effective. These can include cooling pads, turbines, or vacuum solutions. This will help you make the right choice between convenience, portability, and performance.
  4. You should definitely get a cooler if your laptop gets considerably warm to the touch since excessive heat can damage your laptop’s internal components and mechanical hard drives are often a very soft target. This could result in data loss if you do not have a backup.

With that out of the way, let’s get started.

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1. Opolar LC-06 – Revolutionary

Most of the laptop cooling solutions in market take the form of a large cooling pad which uses a USB-powered fan to blow air into your laptop. The Opolar LC-06 is revolutionary since it does the exact opposite – suck hot air from your laptop. It attaches to the side vent of your device using an adhesive pad which sticks to the bottom of your device. The vents are enclosed by a silicone rubber sealing along with arms equipped with a spring loaded mechanism that attach to the side of your laptop. There is even a dust filter to prevent accumulated dust from your device to be inhaled by the cooler. In short, the attention to details are big on this small cooler.

The glossy black finish with silver accents is not the best design we have seen and the build quality isn’t superb considering it’s made out of plastic but you get what you pay for. The cooler is powered via a standard type-A USB port. With the latest LC-06 version, Opolar has included a temperature display that reads the air temperature from the laptop vent. They also claim to have included a ‘scratch-resistant surface’ and more compatibility.

The performance on this one is great. You can operate this on the automatic mode which automatically selects the optimum speed or use the manual mode which gives you the freedom to operate on 13 different speeds. By sucking out the hot air from your laptop’s internals, this coolers works in conjunction with your laptop’s exhaust fan and greatly aids the heat dissipation.

Speaking of compatibility, this is a big problem with this cooler. Since many new laptops specially ultrabooks in 2017 are being manufactured with bottom vents only, this cooler is limited to a specific market segment. So then, the Opolar LC-06 is excellent for those who are looking for exceptional value and great performance in a very portable package. The only downside is it only supports laptops with side vents or in some cases, back vents too.

2. Havit Slim Laptop Cooling Pad – Universal

There is a reason why this cooler is the most popular and at the top of amazon bestsellers: it is best at what it does. This cooler is universal, supporting a wide array of devices differing in screen sizes and thickness. A total of three 110mm mans are placed strategically to maximize airflow and compatibility.

The build quality is very solid on this one. Your laptop rests on a metal mesh grille which is sturdy and lightweight. The metal mesh also helps in distributing the heat evenly on the pad allowing for better thermal management.  The design is very stealthy and the matte black look appeals to a wider audience of professionals, content creators, and gamers. There is one flaw that really bogs the package down, and that would be the inability to control the blue accent lighting which illuminates the fans. The lighting becomes obtrusive in dark areas or corporate workplaces.

Other highlighting features include a very lightweight construction at 1.6lbs, very thin chassis at 1 inch, and an ergonomic design. In fact, this is one of the few coolers that does not sacrifice on build quality over portability. While this is nowhere near as portable as vacuum coolers like the Opolar LC-06 get, this is as good as a decent performing cooling pad gets.

Performance is rock solid on this one. With three 110mm fans spinning around 1100rpm, you can expect it to handle everything you throw at it very well. Most people believe that the larger the fan, the louder it is; it’s quite the opposite in reality. The cooler barely makes any audible noise at low speeds and a very subtle humming at high speeds.

While it is not the flashiest, cheapest, or most feature-packed option, the Havit Slim Laptop Cooling Pad still manages to get solid reviews. And no, the metal mesh does not transform into a cooking grille since the heat management is on point. They have included an extra USB 2.0 port for compensating for the port this cooler occupies on your laptop, but don’t expect it to support devices which need heavy electric output.

So who is this for then? People who are looking for reliability, build quality, and portability. Essentially, the Havit Slim cooling pad is a safe bet since it is the most compatible, and this is why we honor it with the title of ‘universal’. For those who are willing to push it to the extreme, we would recommend them to consider the next cooler.

3. Tree New Bee Cooling Pad – Bee Cool!

While the Havit Slim Cooling Pad uses a minimalist design, the Tree New Bee Cooling Pad takes the opposite approach by a more extreme one. This product comes really close to the reliability of the Havit cooler and is another Amazon bestseller.

With a logo that portrays an angry bee staring directly at you, and a design that can only be attributed to the laptop gaming enthusiast audience, one is definitely convinced that this is targeted at the young audience. The blue accent lighting coupled with sharp corners and angular cuts gives this cooling pad a unique look. Plus, it’s not too thick at 1.14 inches. The matte black mesh grille is something we have seen on the Havit offering but hey, if you want to copy, copy the good things. The grille is definitely welcome since it adds a premium feel to the device and aids in proper heat distribution. Overall, the design is fancy and not everyone might be comfortable carrying this for business.

The height of this mat is adjustable so that it rests your laptop at an inline. This helps maximize comfort and reduce strain in some cases. Just like the one from Havit, the Tree New Bee cooler has an additional USB port to compensate for the one it will be utilizing from your laptop. The best part about this particular cooler though, is the manual control it provides to the user. Two separate dials are available to adjust the speed of upper fans and lower fans, with an option to switch off a pair when not needed. This can be a life saver if your laptop battery is about to die and you really need to conserve power. This product does not offer you the option to switch off the blue lights which again, can be a deal breaker for some.

There are no surprises performance-wise on the Tree New Bee Cooler. With four massive 140mm fans churning out air at a massive 1200rpm, this is about as best as it gets in performance arena. What makes this package even better is the fact that it is very silent, thankfully due to large fans which tend to produce less noise than their smaller counterparts.

So then, who should buy this cooler? Enthusiasts that are okay with an aggressive design, want nothing but the best in performance, and are willing to sacrifice on portability, should buy this cooler without a second thought. Those looking for a subtle design or better portability should consider the other options in this list.

4. Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad – No compromises

If the number of fans on a cooling pad were a race, the Kootek Cooling Pad would come in at first place. As you would have noticed, this cooling pad has 5 cooling fans! While it does not equate to better performance in real life, it sure is a cool gimmick and in some cases, a useful feature, as we will elaborate in the upcoming paragraphs.

The design of the Kootek Cooling pad is simple, understated, and elegant. The single tone black finish is something we highly appreciate in a cooler. In fact, we would go as far as saying this feels the sturdiest of all the other coolers because of its heft and thickness. Again, the metal mesh grille returns on this offering which ensures maximum heat dissipation in what we call a ‘no-compromise’ package.

We won’t claim that it is the sleekest cooler at 1.38 inches or the lightest at 2.52 lbs, but we do know that it has some useful features hidden inside at these compromises. For one, this cooling pad gives you the freedom of 6-way adjustments with two stoppers at front to prevent your laptop from slipping. This arrangement ensures excellent ergonomics and prevents injuries or neck and back pain.

The airflow is excellent and this cooler surely has tons of power to propel fresh air into your device. Four of the fans are smaller at 70mm and run at higher speeds of 2000rpm. The central big fan is at 120mm and runs at a speed of around 1000rpm. Surprisingly, the cooler is very quiet against our expectations because of the smaller fans running at high speeds. You can also independently shut the big fans and small fans which is a useful feature. However, the performance is humble against the tremendous horsepower of the Tree New Bee Cooling Pad.

So then, who is this cooler for? People who want a multi-faceted, no-compromise package and are willing to sacrifice portability and a little bit of performance over the flagship offerings. The Kootek Laptop cooling pad has been fancied especially by owners of larger notebooks such as those falling in the 17 inch screen category.

5. 1STPLAYER BLACK SIR C6 cooling pad – Power

Let’s be clear up front about this one – it doesn’t offer much on the table for the price. In fact, this might be the most expensive among all the other coolers we have reviewed while still lagging behind in some gimmicks others have to offer. What the 1STPLAYER C6 has to offer (besides a ‘creative’ brand name) is raw performance. The product boasts a ‘Booster-type Cross Flow Turbine’ which is a really powerful method of blowing air.

Even though 1STPLAYER would like to boast the ‘high end aluminum & plastic material’, it really feels cheap to the touch and gives an impression of a low-quality cooler. The aluminum sheets are placed where your hands would ideally rest while working with this and this seems to be a nice little touch. Overall, if we compare the build quality to other contenders on the list, we would start to realize why this product had to be placed at the last position.

But let’s not forget that this is a list of the top Laptop coolers you can buy with your money and the performance department is where this cooler absolutely crushes the other ones. The turbine is a very powerful design which can propel huge pockets of air with efficiency and sure enough, 1STPLAYER played very well with this. With speeds maxing out at a staggering 2500rpm, you can definitely feel the wind being blown. And best of all, the airflow is supposed to travel from beneath your laptop which is excellent for the owners of many thin and light Ultrabook owners.

Just like their brand name, 1STPLAYER keeps its products capitalized (pun intended); While the cooler may not have 5 fans or a fancy mesh grille, it is excellent at what it does and you will have to pay around $30 for this one. We would recommend this to anyone who has an Ultrabook or a laptop that breathes from below. However, this is really suitable for almost all shapes and sized of laptops. On a warm day, you can even count on it to blow fresh air for you since the performance does not disappoint.

These were our top 5 picks for Laptop Coolers that we think are excellent at their job and don’t break the bank. Keep in mind that each customer has individual needs and we respect that so the products will rank differently for each customer.

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