HAVIT F2073 vs F2056 Laptop Cooling Pad – 2024 Comparison Review

Portable notebooks or laptops are expensive piece of machinery, which require delicate care, unless you’re opting for an indestructible laptop, which we highly doubt, anyone would want in today’s dynamic and ‘Portable’ era.

Laptops are one of those items that are prone to mechanical malfunction or potential damage, through misuse or mishandling. With that being said, the biggest threat to the laptops, is posed by overheating. More often than not, dead batteries or inadequate battery life of laptops, just under few months of purchase, are a direct byproduct of overheating, which is why you need avoid laptop overheating at all costs.

Review Introduction

Today’s generation laptops have dedicated inbuilt cooling systems that offers the laptops some sort of heat dissipation, through different vents. However, if you’re one of those consumers who own a laptop, from earlier generations, then you definitely would be well-versed with the issue of ‘Overheating’ of laptops and how important a cooling pad becomes for laptops of bulky laptops, from earlier generations. Needless to say, even the modern laptops of today require care, considering you’re a heavy user, hence, laptop cooling pads are a must-have, in your arsenal.

 How does a Cooling Pad Helps with Performance?

Laptop cooling pads are designed to tackle overheating issues of different laptops of different sizes and formats. The main function of a typical laptop cooling pad is to provide heat dissipation for your laptop, during hours of heavy usage, which includes tasks such as gaming, editing, videography, and vice versa.

A good laptop cooling pad, such as the HAVIT F2073 or the HAVIT F2057, as covered in our comparison review below, works by reducing the emitted heat from a laptop, through the help of inbuilt fans, which usually have a decent enough diameter to cover the entire base of the laptop. These fans immediately disperse the heat coming from the laptop, allowing for the temperature of the laptop to fall, and help retain the longevity of the laptop’s battery. In the long run, a cooling pad, avoids hardware loss of laptops, owing to overheating, and simultaneously helping with laptop throttling issues.

HAVIT F2073 vs HAVIT F2056

In light of the discussion above, you must not be having any second thoughts about investing in a good laptop cooling pad.

1. HAVIT F2073

Havit F2073
Quick view on Amazon

Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US
  • Price: $39.99
  • RGB side lighting
  • Best rated for cooling laptops
  • 2.23 pounds weight with 3 Levels adjustable height
  • Three ultra-quiet fans create a noise-free environment





2. Havit F2056

Havit F2056
Quick view on Amazon

Available in: Australia, Canada, UK and US
  • It cost approximately – $27.99
  • It is very light in weight (approximately 1.5 lbs).
  • Three ultra-quiet fans create a noise-free environment
  • 2 Adjustable Height Levels





Today, we are going to cover HAVIT’s F2073 and F2056, pitting them against each other to declare a winner.

HAVIT is one of the best laptop cooling pad manufacturers. The company’s previous F2056 is an all-time favorite and Amazon’s best seller. HAVIT, in 2019, launched its F2073, a newer version to the F2056, with presumably better features. However, the F2056 is still to be dethroned, in terms of popularity.

However, let’s not forget that the F2073 is the company’s latest offering, which is why we’ll try to find out why the new product F2073, with advanced features, didn’t quite affect the popularity of its predecessor, the F2056.




Number of Fans 3

Havit f2056 - Number of Fans


Havit f2073 - Number of Fans

Fan Diameter 110mm 110mm
LED Lights blue blue+RGB side light
Rotations per minute 1100+/-200 RPM 1100+/-100 RPM
Adjustable Height Levels 2 Levels

Havit f2056 - Height

3 Levels

Havit f2073 - Height

Compatibility 15.6″-17″ Laptop 15.6″-17″ Laptop
Cooling Pad Size 14.9″ x 11″ x 1.2″

F2056 - cooling pad size


F2073 - cooling pad size

Weight 1.5 pounds 2.23 pounds
Cable length & type 23.63in-Classic 23.63in-Braided
Foldable Arms Yes Yes
Anti-skid Board Yes Yes
Anti-skid Baffle No Yes

F2073 - Anti-skid Baffle

Extra USB Ports Yes

F2073 - USB Spots


F2073 - USB Spots

Design & Features Review

Both products by HAVIT are feature-rich, when it comes to laptop cooling pads. Almost all features of both the F2056 and F2073 are almost identical, in terms of features. The F2073 and the F2056 checks all the boxes, required for a sturdy and efficient laptop cooling pad. Both the F2073 and the F2056 are constructed from the same material, comprising of a metal-mesh design.

However, the F2073 possess additional aesthetic elements, that differentiates it from the predecessor, F2056. The former has 3 levels of adjustable height, while the latter has only two levels, meaning that the F2073 is able to stretch up to 90mm, in terms of height, for added convenience, while the F2056 is restricted to 60mm.

Apart from that, the F2073 has additional side RGB lighting, with 15 different modes, while the F2056 comes on board with the traditional blue notification light. Apart from that, there’s a notable weight difference, between both products, making the F2073, heavier and presumably less manageable than the F2056.

The F2073 also comes with an Anti-skid baffle, for added drop protection; however, the F2056 doesn’t have a dedicated baffle, but it does incorporate an Anti-skid board design.

Performance Review

Talking about the performance of each product, both laptop cooling pads allow for efficient heat dissipation of laptops. The main driving force for both the F2073 and F2056 are the 3 large fans, powered by a strong soundless motor. Both have the ability to run at 1100 RPM, but what’s surprising is that the F2056 has the ability to top 1300 RPM, while the newer F2073, would go up to 1200 RPM. This seems rather odd, considering that the F2073 is the newer model and more expensive.

Overall, performance of both laptops are similar and the diameter of both fans are the same, allowing for the same amount of air to flow. Performance is almost identical on both the F2056 and F2073, which is quite good, as per various testing.

Pricing Review

The HAVIT F2073 Cooling pad  is price relatively higher than the F2056, with an initial price of $39.99 for the 15.6-inch laptop option, stretching up to $49.99 for the 17.3-inch laptop option. With that being said, the F2056 is seemingly less pricier, than its successor. The initial price of F2056 starts at $24.99, for 15.6-inch laptops, and goes up to $39.99, for the 17.3-inch laptop variant. Given that both the F2073 and the F2056 possess identical features, the notable price hike, seems unpractical, if you ask us, perhaps another reason to pick up the F2056?

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Conclusion – Which one to choose?

Given the specifications, design and features, overall performance, and pricing, it is no secret that the F2056 would emerge as the clear winner, and hence, the popular choice.

HAVIT F2073 vs F2056

The fact of the matter is that both cooling pads by HAVIT offer nearly identical performance, and the F2073 edges its predecessor only in the design and aesthetics department, and that too, very minor.

Now, you have to decide whether you’d be willing to spend in $15 more (approximately), for the newer version, the F2073, which only adds in features like RGB lighting, an Anti-skid Baffle, Braided cable, and an additional height level. If you’d take our opinion for it, we would say these additions are not significant enough to consider switching to the newer F2073. In fact, the F2056 is actually lighter and easy to carry around, also allowing you to save up a few additional bucks, as the performance you’d be getting, in terms of helping your laptop with overheating issues, is absolutely the same.

As long as HAVIT doesn’t introduce a newer version, sporting an even powerful motor or some added functionality, related to ‘laptop cooling,’ we would still pick the F2056, over the newer F2073.